FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual assistant?

Outsource your low-end tasks!  A virtual assistant is a professional who provides immediate professional adminstrative creative support, project management skills, and   to busy entrepreneurs and business managers via the Internet.  You don’t pay for vacation, sick leave, MPF or medical.  Virtual assistance is a cost effective strategy for your business.

How do we charge?

Our prices are competitive and reasonable, often negotiable depending on your budget.    We charge by your project or weekly based on an hourly rate on how an agreed amount of hours your needs per day, per week or per month or a flat rate for projects.   Any requests outside of these operating hours are charged as overtime at 1.5.  Our mission is to help make your business successful.

What can HKVA do for you?

Content writing, digital marketing, calendar & diary management, email management, customer call center, updating your Facebook page, setting up an email account, compiling information on an excel spreadsheet, bookkeeping, company registry (Hong Kong only), internal recruitment,  research for your paper…creative, technical and the list will go on – and all tasks performed virtually!

Benefits of using HKVA?

We are are based in Hong Kong.  We are professional and we know what standards our clients are looking for so your business remains professional at global standards with lowering your business costs.  With over 15 years of living and working in Hong Kong, you also have the opportunity to access contacts and introductions to expand your business.

How do we communicate and work together?
We use email, telephone, Skype, Whatsapp, screen-sharing and project management tools to communicate with our clients. We have the best ways to accommodate your business and your preferred style of communication when delegating tasks.

How do I get started?
To request your free 30-minute consultation or to learn more about our virtual assistant services, please send us an email here. We’ll get in touch within one business day to discuss your needs and answer all your questions. We look forward to helping you to get where you want to go.