Insight: What LinkedIn should provide that Facebook and Twitter does

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This is an insightful article written by Alexandra Samuel, author of Work Smart With Social Media (Harvard Business Review 2015).   

If you ever tried creating a Company Page on LinkedIn, you may have experienced the limitations that LinkedIn lacks comparatively to Facebook or Twitter.  A simple example: loading your company logo is limited by resolution and or size of image whereby you need to most probably find a design or photoshop whiz to help get the right specifications to fit the photo in the profile  or if you post a blog through WordPress, it doesn’t allow you to pick your Company Page, it picks up your personal profile; Facebook can allow both choices.  There are definitely some improvements to be made.

Alexandra brings more to the table:  LinkedIn should create better security for public views, efficient management of your contacts and filtering tools.  Your LinkedIn profile should maximize impact especially if used in business.  I definitely have enjoyed entering the world of connecting and reconnecting with people on LinkedIn especially when I started my virtual assistant business.  LinkedIn has changed the world for career opportunities, media, advertisement as well as business opportunities since it started.   We certainly look ahead to what social media brings to our life and it continues changes it!  Read here for more:

The More People We Connect With On LinkedIn The Less Valuable It Becomes

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