Living Stress Free – For Real

Stress. The fast pace of life in Hong Kong, named the city that never sleeps can overwhelm the senses.  Stress, if not properly dealt with, can cause a reaction of anxiety, nerves on hilt, to the point that it can even cause severe illness.   In order to manage stress, we seek ways to fight this enemy so-to-speak in order to sustain a healthy and balanced life.  For example, hiring a virtual assistant can eleviate your day-to-day stress.  Holiday research for best prices, calling your preferred airline to upgrade your flight with miles or even just helping you make a call to book a restaurant reservation are some of the little things a virtual assistant can do to help de-stress and de-clutter.

I was writing a blog for a client on a subject of stress based on Kelly McGonigal’s TedTalk.  It was Kelly’s conviction and how she presented it that led me to share this in our blog because I believe it will help anyone dealing with extreme perpetual stress and change your view about stress.   Over the years in her practice as a health psychologist , Kelly McGonigal has  promoted that stress is an enemy and should be fought against in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Ten years later, she realises that if one’s belief that if stress is a good thing, yes, a great experience, it will change your mindset on how to manage stress, thus allowing you to live a longer and healthy life  How is that possible?  Find out more in her TedTalk here and I sincerely guarantee that with an open mind, this will change your perspective and could even change your life.

In summary, if we choose to partner and be-friend stress, you would embrace it joyfully and courageously as an opportunity rather than a burden.  Stressing yourself as being under pressure should enhance your productivity and maintain a positive momentum in your life. You can succeed in life if you believe stress as a positive catalyst. Any business decision as a business owner will be stressful especially when starting up and with limited resources.  Hiring a virtual assistant can definitely help keep your stress level down as it is lower costs and with no overhead.  Our job as a virtual assistants at a corporate or personal level, is a key solution to manage your day-to-day stress.  Please contact us here for more information on our January 2018 introductory packages and live a stress-free life!