Take A Leap in Your Career – go for it!

Young determined businessman breaking glass with karate kickI recently read an article written by Liz Ryan, founder  & CEO of Human Workplace, about career transitions and how it is important to change jobs as not to remain stale or “get muscle atrophy”.  This is not what we’ve been brought up in the Asian community. But instead work hard, tow the line, don’t make waves and save up your money to buy a house or pray for rich spouse to take care of you (not kidding on the latter).  Having worked in corporations and built start ups in my career,  I have always been interested in human organisation, human capital and appreciation at the workplace.  But typically changing jobs is generally not the norm here, nor usually encouraged – “stability” is key.  A ‘jumpy’ CV may reflect on character instability and disloyalty.  If you are determined to create a life that is full and worthwhile because you are the one living it, then you will create a path to make those dreams come true.  We probably do need to work for someone and tow the line to make ends meet at one point in time, but set your goal and follow through. It could mean challenging the status quo.  But when you go to that interview for your dream job, you will come across convicted about who you are and what you want.  What employer wouldn’t want you?

That’s why I started a virtual assistant business.  My team and I enjoy administration immensely because it helps people in their businesses at what they aren’t good at and that’s just the reality.  It’s always encouraging to find like-minded people.  Find success by being true to yourself and you’ll be happy you made that decision.

HKVA’s Inspiring Article of the Week:  

When Playing Safe Is The Riskiest Move by Liz Ryan 

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