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Business Administration Support

What is business administration? Business administration includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations. In other words, it is time that clients are not paying you for. It’s a required expense, and like all expenses, it needs to be minimised.

Ever heard the saying “20% of the work gets you 80% of the results?” It’s true if that 20% is being managed effectively. Studies have shown the administrative “20%” has been known to creep up to 30%, 40%, even as high as 60% in some cases!

A survey based in the US found that 36% of Managers spend in the range of 3-4 hours per day on administrative tasks, such as responding to emails and submitting expense claims. Results of the survey concluded that one of the most overlooked areas for business efficiency is Managers time. This applies to solo business owners even more so, who don’t have the luxury of delegating even the smallest tasks to assistants.

If you resonate as being a perfectionist, perfectionists have a tendency to want to do everything themselves. This often leads to feeling too bogged down with administrative tasks to provide adequate feedback and value to clients. The end result is ultimately feeling completely overwhelmed at work.

There is a better way!

We have a team with the training and tools required to streamline tasks and help your business reach its potential.

You might think you can’t afford to outsource your admin to professionals, but don’t undervalue how precious your time is. Find a way to hand over the reigns and let us do the administrative work for you. For every hour you’re spending on admin, you’re losing another hour you could be spending with a client or generating new business.

With cloud-based technology and online systems, we can support you with a range of tasks.

The Type of Support We Offer Our Clients

Email Management

In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day (Statista, 2020). That’s a staggering amount of daily emails. And according to a McKinsey analysis, the average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email.

We can assist with your own email, customer support, or managing your support email.

Executive Assistance

An average business owner can easily spend 20 minutes a day (around five per cent of their time) arranging meetings and booking appointments.

To have someone to effectively manage your diary and travel arrangements, and other PA tasks means you should always be able to concentrate on the tasks that will have the biggest impact on your business.


If you’ve been in business for more than 3 years, you know that ‘administration’ is hard to articulate because most of the time the tasks are adhoc, and based on the projects you’re working.

Our administration support offers broader support that includes general bookkeeping. Our team works with Xero Accounting.

A Sounding Board for Ideas

How does Bauhinia Solutions help me? A sounding board for ideas, devising systems to operationalise even my most hare-brained projects, providing a swift response to booking flights, hotels, and training spaces for my client-facing work, offering a solution-focused approach to problems from financial data management to marketing to diaries and databases… And all this wrapped in a warm smile on the days when being an entrepreneur feels rather lonely and overwhelming.

Sally Dellow, Director, Dramatic Difference

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