I use labels to keep my emails organised. Labels are categories (similar to folders and more like tags). One email can have multiple labels, however if you delete the email, it will delete from all labels. When you create labels, you can then filter your emails to automatically be categorised to one or more labels.

Labels appear on the left side of your monitor (if you’re working from the computer) and to help with your organisation of email, you can also create sub-labels. This is how I keep my emails organised. As an example, I have a number of top-level labels such as Administration Support, Marketing Support, Websites, Strategic Support, and within each of the labels I have sub-labels and each is named after a client. This allows me to have all clients that we provide Administration Support to grouped together, etc.

To create labels in Gmail:

  1. Click on the email you wish to categorise
  2. Click on the ‘Labels’ button at the top of your email
  3. Click on the option, Create New and type the label name
  4. Click on the button, Create

This will create the label and add the label to the email. At the top of the email you will notice that it is labeled your newly created label as well as ‘Inbox’. If you do not wish to keep the email labeled as inbox, click on the cross on the inbox label to delete it.

To create sub-labels, when you create your new label, click on the box for ‘Next label under’ and choose the existing top-level label.

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