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Personal Administration Support

What is personal administration? Personal administration includes all aspects of home paperwork, from pulling together insurance claims, creating a calendar for your children’s schooling, creating reminders of renewals, to researching how to sell your jewellery or artwork. In other words, it is time that eats into your personal time with family and friends.

Running a household can be difficult for working families, busy executives, or business owners with demanding schedules.

Perfectionists have a tendency to want to do everything themselves. This often leads to feeling constantly on the go, not having time for themselves, and can often leave them spinning their wheels. The end result is feeling completely overwhelmed as there is too much to do and not enough time.

There is a better way!

We have a team with the training and tools required to streamline tasks and save you time.

You might think you can’t afford to outsource your admin to professionals, but don’t undervalue how precious your time is. Find a way to hand over the reigns and let us do the administrative work for you. For every hour you’re spending on admin, you’re losing another hour you could be spending with family or friends, or doing something that will bring you joy.

The Type of Support We Offer Our Clients

  • process insurance claim forms, and reminder of insurance renewals
  • passport and visa processing, renewals, or applications
  • local and international courier arrangements
  • set up mail redirection notifications
  • update billing addresses, and convert utility bills to automatic payment
  • track orders from online ecommerce stores
  • liaise with third-party vendors like storage units, car rentals, gyms and the like
  • advertise for a driver, and cull resumes for interview with clients
  • open mail while client is out of the country
  • organise car test drive
  • track all family expenses in a personal finance system or in Excel
  • download amazon and other ecommerce purchase receipts for tracking
  • research weekend activities or holiday destinations
  • gift research, and ordering flowers
  • digital filing and decluttering
  • liaise with travel agents for flights, car hire, and accommodation
  • type up handwritten notes or dictated information
  • liaise with service providers for membership applications and renewals
  • cancel or modify subscriptions and memberships
  • source places to sell jewellery, art, and cars
  • create family documents that stores all relevant contact, service providers so all information is centralised
  • create and update family calendars with school-related dates, playdates, and other activities
  • source and purchase party decorations and fancy dress outfits
  • source and liase with catering companies
  • set up reminders for important events like birthdays, anniversaries and school events
  • arrange reservations for restaurants, hotels, salons and other services
  • liaise with domestic helpers in relation to deliveries, paperwork, or information
  • create standard operating documents for recurring tasks

Support Invaluable

Josie and Sonja are resourceful, organised, and reliable. I engaged the team at Bauhinia Solutions in July 2020 to help me keep my personal life organised, as well as to assist me to keep track of my daughters schooling, research family activities, and keep my diary up-to-date. I’ve found their support invaluable, and happily recommend their services.

Entrepreneur, and Busy Father of 3 Daughters

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